Finamachina Builds Intelligent Financial Services
for You and Your Customers

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Finamachina is a Big Data AI system for companies looking to enhance existing and build new products and processes based on their data.

Finamachina is streamline and easy to use.

Finamachina builds intelligent financial services for you and your customers. It provides enhanced performance and control and stable revenue growth for you.

Products and processes built with Finamachina are transparent which makes it easy to integrate them into your compliance framework.

For Whom

Automated AI solution for executives that want to optimize and predict their funnels with transparent and compliant AI models that are built from their existing data with just a few button clicks.
  • Insurance Companies
  • Medical Organizations
  • Banks
  • Banking and Financial Service Providers
  • Retail
  • B2C

Core Features

  • o Product and Service Recommendations
  • o Assortment and Price Optimization
  • o Optimized and Customer Tailored Marketing
  • o Customer Retention and Churn Prediction
  • o Risk Management
  • o Credit Scoring and Credit Policy Optimization
  • o Fraud and Illegal Activities Detection

  • – our online cloud
  • – your own enterprise environment
  • – custom development and integration
  • – 24/7 support

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